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Whole House Water Filter Installation for Residents of San Diego, CA

Whole House Water Filter San Diego CAOnly through the installation of a whole house water filter can you be totally sure that your family in San Diego, California, doesn’t have to contend with water impurities. Even if it’s municipally treated, your water is liable to pick up microscopic contaminants before it reaches your house that can adversely affect its quality. Iron, sediment, sulfur, and manganese are just some of the impurities that can potentially cause your water to look, taste, smell, and even feel as if something is irregular with it. Having a device installed that filters all of the water that enters your house is a way for your family to have 24/7 access to outstanding water for drinking, bathing, doing the dishing, and other household activities.

High Quality Water – which is an authorized dealer of RainSoft products located at 7098 Miratech Drive in San Diego – proudly offers arguably the best whole house water filters that your money can buy. Our highly popular EC4 filter, for example, is a fully automatic system that is designed for long life and trouble-free operation. It is a premium-grade water filter featuring:

  • Long-lasting filter media – The EC4’s filter media are a special blend of four minerals each with its own contaminant-removal capabilities.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display – An intuitive two-line display provides easy-to-read and easy-to-understand system information.
  • Information center – The system’s information menu provides detailed data on water quality, usage history, and other information that is helpful to the product’s owner and service techs.
  • Power outage recovery – If the system experiences a loss of power, the regeneration process will pick up right where it left off the moment that power is restored. That helps to ensure that filtered, high-quality water will always be available to your family.

For more information about having a whole house water filter installed anywhere in San Diego, CA, contact High Quality Water today.