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RainSoft Water Softeners – Available Only from High Quality Water in San Diego, CA

Water Softeners San Diego CAThe water softeners that are available from High Quality Water in San Diego, California, are indisputably some of the finest products of their kind in the world. That’s because they’re made by RainSoft, a longtime leader in the residential water treatment industry and a company that is steadfastly committed to developing products that make good water better for families across the United States and around the world. Rain Soft water softeners – which are assembled in the U.S.A. and independently Tested and Certified – offer a lifetime of dependable performance, reliably turning “hard” water into “soft” water using state-of-the-art water softening technologies. Buying a RainSoft water softener means that you are investing in a quality product that is able to produce an abundant supply of soft water every day for your family.

RainSoft manufactures a variety of water softeners that we at High Quality Water in San Diego proudly carry. Available models include the following:

  • TC-M Series – This system utilizes meter-driven control regeneration, meaning that it will soften your family’s water based on actual consumption and not time. It also features a salt-level alarm, a 12 gallon/minute flow rate, and a highly dependable seven-cycle regeneration valve.
  • EC4 Series – RainSoft’s EC4 Series is a “smart” water softening system that will self-regenerate in tune with your family’s waster usage habits.
  • Centurion – The Centurion is one of the most environmentally friendly water softeners presently on the market. Instead of using salt, potassium, or other types of chemicals, it utilizes a process called template assisted crystallization (TAC) that results in the creation of microscopic crystals of scale that are flushed away in a colloidal suspension. Because it requires no salt and doesn’t needlessly waste any water, the Centurion is your most environmentally conscientious option for water softening.

For more information about our selection of water softeners, please contact High Quality Water in San Diego, CA, today.