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Water Softeners Phoenix, AZ

Premium Water Softeners for Residents of Phoenix, AZ & All Nearby Communities

Water Softeners Phoenix AZRainSoft water softeners offer a lifetime of dependable performance. And in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding suburbs, they are available exclusively through High Quality Water, an authorized RainSoft dealer that has long been committed to serving the water softening needs of homeowners in the region.

Our water softeners regularly exceed customer expectations – hardly a surprise when you consider that each RainSoft system is assembled in the U.S.A., third-party tested and certified, and installed only by our highly experienced, RainSoft-trained technicians. RainSoft water softeners are also simply the most effective at eliminating problems caused by water hardness, such as dry skin, frizzy hair, stained dishes, clogged fixtures, and increased wear and tear on water-using appliances. These problems and others can especially be acute in the Phoenix area, which has some of the hardest water in America. The team at High Quality Water can recommend a system that permanently addresses all your water hardness issues.

Our selection of water softeners is as follows:

  • EC4 Series – Computer controlled and built to last a lifetime, the EC4 Series incorporates cutting-edge water softening technologies. It is a “smart” water softener that will self-program while learning your family’s water usage patterns. Water usage tracking and automatic regeneration help to conserve salt, water, and electricity.
  • TC-M Series – RainSoft’s TC-M Series uses electronic demand initiated regeneration, meaning it will soften your water in real-time based on actual water usage. Meter-driven regeneration greatly reduces salt consumption.
  • Centurion – Properly described as a water conditioner, the Centurion negates the effects of water hardness entirely without the use of salt. It offers an all-natural method of water softening that is gentler on the environment than other systems.

Deciding which of these premium water softeners is best for your family is something that the team at High Quality Water will gladly help you do. The results of our complimentary, in-home water hardness test will help us to identify the most effective system for you and those in your household.

Contact High Quality Water for more information about the selection of RainSoft water softeners that we offer in the Phoenix, AZ, area.