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Water Softener Phoenix, AZ

Water Softener Systems for Residents of Phoenix, AZ & Surrounding Area Suburbs

Water Softener Phoenix AZHigh Quality Water is an authorized dealer of RainSoft water softener systems serving Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding suburbs. The water softeners that we sell, install, and service are the finest products of their kind available in the world. Every RainSoft water softener utilizes cutting-edge technologies that are highly effective at addressing various problems caused by water hardness. These problems can include dry skin, lifeless hair, clogged shower heads, hard water deposits on dishes, and even costly damage to your plumbing and appliances. Though not a health risk, hard water is a serious nuisance that can only be remedied by reliable water softening equipment. The team at High Quality Water will be pleased to recommend a water softener for your Phoenix, AZ, home that will alleviate your hard water issues and fit your budget.

Our selection of RainSoft water softeners encompasses the following premium models:

  • EC Series – These units have a smart-feature microprocessor that will “learn” your family’s water usage routines and soften your water in real-time, whenever it’s needed. Fully automated operation will help you to conserve water, salt, electricity, and money.
  • TC-M Series – RainSoft’s TC-M Series water softeners employ meter-driven control regeneration that helps to greatly reduce salt consumption. A large inlet/outlet port yields a high flow rate of 12 gallons of soft water per minute.
  • Centurion – The Centurion uses an all-natural method of water softening that doesn’t flush salt brine or other chemicals out into the environment. Because it requires no salt and creates no waste water, the Centurion is the most environmentally friendly option for water softening.

Regardless of the model you buy, you will be the proud owner of a water softener that provides a lifetime of reliable performance. RainSoft water softeners undergo rigorous third-party testing and certification, and come backed by the best warranty in the business. For decades, RainSoft products have set the standard in the residential water treatment industry.

Contact High Quality Water today if you are interested in purchasing a RainSoft water softener. We serve Phoenix, AZ, and all surrounding communities.