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Water Softener Installation & Service for Residents of Mesa, AZ

Water Softener Mesa AZThe telltale signs that you might want to have a water softener installed in your home in Mesa, Arizona, include dull, lifeless hair that is difficult to manage; skin that doesn’t feel quite clean after getting out of the shower; stiff clothing fabrics after they’ve been laundered; a loss of color vibrancy in laundered clothing; plumbing fixtures that have become clogged up by hard water mineral deposits; and the inefficient operation or premature breakdown of water-using appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers, and ice makers. Although it’s certainly not harmful to human health, hard water commonly gives rise to a variety of household nuisances. The installation of a water softener can eliminate these nuisances and, in turn, improve your family’s quality of life.

High Quality Water is an authorized dealer of RainSoft waters softeners serving Mesa, AZ, and other communities throughout the area. Every RainSoft water softener is highly effective at softening water and is built to last a lifetime. In the residential water treatment industry, the RainSoft name has long been associated with intelligently designed, well-built products that do exactly as they are advertised. RainSoft products are, we feel, the best of their kind on the market and are competitively priced with all the other top brands. At High Quality Water, we sell, install, and service the following water softeners (all from RainSoft):

  • EC4 Series – This is a fully automated water softener that will soften your family’s water in real-time based on actual need.
  • TC-M Series – This is a meter-operated water softening system that regenerates itself based on actual water consumption, not time.
  • Centurion – RainSoft’s Centurion is an eco-friendly water softening unit that requires no salt, no chemicals, and no electricity.

If you’d like to have a RainSoft water softener installed anywhere in Mesa, AZ, please contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer – High Quality Water.