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Why Buy a RainSoft Water Softener for Your Home in Huntington Beach, CA?

Water Softener Huntington Beach CAYour family’s hard water problems in Huntington Beach, California, can easily be eliminated by having a RainSoft water softener installed. RainSoft water softeners have long set the standard in the residential water treatment industry, and are guaranteed to provide a lifetime of worry-free performance. Designed to make good water better, every RainSoft water softener is:

  • Assembled in the USA inside of an ISO 9001-certified facility
  • Independently tested and certified by outside consumer product testing organizations, such as NSF International
  • Backed by an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty

With RainSoft, you will be able to choose from among an extensive family of products that deliver the very best in water softening. Any of the following RainSoft water softeners would be an excellent choice for your home in Huntington Beach, CA:

  • TC-M Series – This water softener is meter-operated, features a unique 7-cycle regeneration valve, and is capable of producing up to 12 gallons of soft water per minute.
  • EC4 Series – RainSoft’s EC4 Series initiates the regeneration process automatically in response to actual water demand, greatly reducing water and salt consumption.
  • Centurion™ – Through a process called Chemical Free Scale Prevention, the Centurion™ softens water entirely without salt or electricity. It is an environmentally friendly water softening system that is compatible with landscape watering, lawn irrigation, and community wastewater treatment systems. Also, because it doesn’t produce any waste water, RainSoft’s Centurion™ isn’t subject to any water softener bans or restrictions in CA.

If you would like additional information on the many benefits of owning a RainSoft water softener, contact High Quality Water, an authorized RainSoft dealer serving Huntington Beach and other Southern California communities. In addition to RainSoft water softeners, we also sell, install, and service RainSoft whole-house filters, RainSoft drinking water purifiers, tankless water heaters, generators, and more.