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Water Softener Installation & Service for Residents of Gilbert & Chandler, AZ

Water Softener Gilbert & Chandler AZResidents of both Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona, have long turned to High Quality Water for professional water softener installation and service. Since 1993, we have been an authorized dealer of RainSoft water softeners – state-of-the-art systems that last a lifetime and that are capable of addressing just about every water hardness problem there is. From dry, itchy skin and lifeless hair to damaged clothing fibers and limescale buildup inside of certain appliances, a RainSoft water softener from the team at High Quality Water can make all of your water hardness problems in Gilbert or Chandler disappear. RainSoft water softeners are:

  • Made in the U.S.A. inside of an advanced ISO 9001 facility
  • Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association and/or NSF International
  • Installed by RainSoft-trained technicians
  • Come with better warranties than any other brand

Which model of RainSoft water softener is best for you and your family? At High Quality Water, we will be pleased to test your water for hardness minerals and give you our professional recommendation on which water softening system is best suited for your needs. We both install and service the following water softeners, all from RainSoft:

  • EC4 Series – This is arguably the most sophisticated residential water softener sold in the world. It features automatic regeneration, easy-to-read LCD display, proportional brining capability, and more.
  • TC-M Series – This system features simple-to-use, meter-driven control regeneration that is based on actual water consumption in the home, not time.
  • Centurion – RainSoft’s Centurion is an environmentally friendly water softening system. It requires no salt, no potassium, and no electricity to operate.

Contact High Quality Water today if you’d like to receive additional information on having any one of the above RainSoft water softener systems installed in your home in Gilbert or Chandler, AZ.