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RainSoft Water Filtration Systems are Available Exclusively from High Quality Water in San Diego, CA

Water Filtration Systems San Diego CAHigh Quality Water is the only authorized dealer of RainSoft water filtration systems serving the city of San Diego, California. Founded and still owned by industry veteran Michael Ross, High Quality Water specializes in the installation of products that are designed to address a wide variety of water-quality problems. The RainSoft products that we sell are exceptionally well-made systems featuring state-of-the-art water improvement technologies and backed an unsurpassed warranty. At High Quality Water, we take tremendous pride in being a RainSoft dealer and look forward to helping your family gain access to the highest quality water possible.

RainSoft water filtrations systems are built for long life and reliable day-to-day operation. Having one of these premium products installed in your home in San Diego, CA, will mean being able to say “goodbye” to water irregularities forever. Though it’s not likely that your water is unsafe, chances are high that it doesn’t smell, taste, or even look as good as it probably should. Enter the QRS, a RainSoft water filter that can provide high-quality H2O for use throughout your entire house. The QRS features Super Hysulex™ filter media that are highly effective at reducing VOCs as well as chlorine taste and odor – a common problem for those with municipally treated water. It is a rugged and reliable system that will go a long way toward improving your family’s quality of life.

For more information, please contact High Quality Water. We install RainSoft-brand water filtration systems throughout the city of San Diego, CA, and beyond.