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Whole-House Water Filtration Systems for Residents of Phoenix, AZ

Water Filtration Systems Phoenix AZRainSoft whole-house water filtration systems are the finest products of their kind made in America. And, in Phoenix, Arizona, they are available exclusively from High Quality Water, an authorized RainSoft dealer and a company that has a decades-long track record of successfully solving a wide variety of residential water-quality problems. The whole-house water filters that we carry are all made by RainSoft, a longtime leader in the residential water improvement industry and a developer of products that are incredibly effective at producing an abundant supply of high-quality H20 for use throughout the house.

The RainSoft whole-house water filtration systems that we install throughout the Phoenix, AZ, area are built for long life and worry-free operation, all without the need for any electrical power. Our QRS system is a state-of-the-art water filter that reduces VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as well as chlorine taste and odor. Its Super Hysulex™ filter media utilize EPA-registered silver-impregnated carbon technology that is more porous than regular carbon and more effective at taste and odor eradication. The QRS also features rugged tank-within-a-tank construction: an external tank made with several miles of wound filament for extraordinary strength, and an internal tank made of sanitary plastic for the preservation of water quality. Having the QRS installed in your home in Phoenix is a way to ensure that your family has 24/7 access to the highest-quality water possible.

For more information, please contact High Quality Water today. We proudly install whole-house water filtration systems made by RainSoft throughout the Phoenix, AZ, area. We also carry water softeners, drinking water purification systems, tankless water heaters, generators, and air purifiers – including the spectacularly effective AirMaster Ultra whole-house air purification system.