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Home Water Filter Installation for Residents of Phoenix, AZ

Water Filter Phoenix AZThe only way to truly know that your family in Phoenix, Arizona, has access to the best water possible is to install a RainSoft water filter – specifically, one that treats all the water that enters your house. Whether you get your water from a private well or a public water system (PWS), it’s not just probable but likely that it contains impurities that diminish your enjoyment of it. Even it’s been treated and meets all federal water-quality standards, the water that your family relies on every day for drinking, cooking, bathing, and doing laundry may not live up to your own standards for what your water should be. Sediment, iron, and strange odors are just a few of things that can be addressed by a RainSoft water filter. RainSoft water filters are:

  • Made inside of an ISO 9001 certified Midwest facility
  • Undergo rigorous third-party testing
  • Installed by highly trained technicians who possess in-depth product knowledge
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty – the best in the residential water treatment industry

At High Quality Water, we typically recommend installation of RainSoft’s QRS water filter, a state-of-the-art whole-house filtration unit that:

  • Is built for long life and trouble-free operation without requiring any electricity
  • Effectively reduces chlorine taste and odor (chlorine is a PWS disinfectant that is no longer necessary once the water reaches your house)
  • Features silver-impregnated carbon technology to help prevent bacteria growth on the filter media
  • Reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs), potentially harmful man-made chemical compounds that frequently soak into the ground and, ultimately, our drinking water

The QRS water filter is also registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a bacteriostatic unit, meaning it reduces the presence of microorganisms that pose a threat to human health if consumed.

For more information about the QRS water filter from RainSoft, contact High Quality Water. We are the only authorized RainSoft dealer serving the Phoenix, AZ, area.