Types of Water

It is convenient to have a water filter on your kitchen sink or shower head, but what about the rest of the water in the house? Water quality is consistent from one room to the next, so if you need a filter for one room, you need it for all the others too. Many often […] Read More

Water Filter Phoenix AZ

You’re probably familiar with a number of different brand names in the world of water softening and purification systems. Rainsoft, though, has made its mark on the industry in a way no other company has. Wondering exactly what the difference is? Here’s an overview: Decades of Service: Since 1953, Rainsoft has been the name to […] Read More

You may have heard from others around you that they fight with hard water in their homes all of the time. Hard water can actually create a number of problems for your home. It can force your appliances to work harder, make your home look not quite as clean as it could be, and ensure […] Read More

Hard and soft water have long been a subject of conversation among homeowners.  The simple truth is that not all tap water is the same across the country. Instead, some of it is considered to be hard while other water supplies are considered to be soft. Sometimes you want hard water. Sometimes you want soft […] Read More


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