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The Rainsoft Difference

You’re probably familiar with a number of different brand names in the world of water softening and purification systems. Rainsoft, though, has made its mark on the industry in a way no other company has. Wondering exactly what the difference is? Here’s an overview: Decades of Service: Since 1953, Rainsoft has been the name to […] Read more

The Amazing Benefits of Clean Water!

You’re probably already familiar with the fact that water is nothing short of essential to life, all life, on the planet. What you may not know, though, is just how much fresh, clean water can do for you. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from healthier, cleaner drinking water: Weight […] Read more

Do You Need a Water Test?

How much water do you use in your home every day? It may take a bit of thought, but the chances are good that you’re going to come up with quite a list. After all, you probably take at least one bath or shower every day, as does everyone else in your household. You cook […] Read more

Looking to Save Money on Water? Get Soft!

Budgets are tight almost everywhere, and many people are looking to save some cash now and then. Wondering exactly how you can conserve that cash throughout the next several months? Believe it or not, you could look to your water to save a bit of money. Every day, your house uses gallons and gallons of […] Read more

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4 Ways a Rainsoft Water Softener System Will Change Your Life

There are not very many purchases that actually change your life. Among them, though, is a good water softener system. Not sure how it could change what you do tomorrow or even next week? Here’s just a taste of what to expect after your system is installed. Gorgeous Hair: You weren’t expecting this one, were […] Read more

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