Why Does My Water Taste Bad?

It’s something that happens almost every day throughout Arizona. Someone grabs a glass of water, turns on the tap, fills the glass, only to realize that the water isn’t quite as refreshing as they thought. Instead, it ranks right up there with adjectives like disgusting. Wondering why your water tastes so bad? It could actually […] Read more

The Benefits of Whole-House Water Filtration

It is convenient to have a water filter on your kitchen sink or shower head, but what about the rest of the water in the house? Water quality is consistent from one room to the next, so if you need a filter for one room, you need it for all the others too. Many often […] Read more

What to Expect With our Complimentary Water Test

You may have seen an ad for a free water test. Many people use it to learn more about what’s actually in their water, and it’s a great way to take a closer look at the difference truly clean drinking water can make in your life. After you sign up for one of our free […] Read more

The Safety of Well Water

More than 15 million households depend on private wells for drinking water every single day. If it’s polluted, it could create serious illness in your household. Is it actually safe to drink your well water? The Safety of Groundwater No matter what kind of well you have on your property, you’re actually drinking groundwater, and […] Read more

3 Reasons to Consider Having a Water Softener Installed Now

Many people just accept that hard water is something they have to live with. It is not particularly harmful to human health, so why bother doing anything about it? Well, here are three reasons why you definitely should do something about it. It can save you money.  Yes, installing a water softener will cost you […] Read more

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