March 2014

Life, for many, is a busy place. Whether it’s work, school, the kids, older family members, or something else entirely, it seems everyone moves at a breakneck pace every single day. That leaves almost no time in life for those little things, like scrubbing the fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s an all-too-common […] Read More

You may have heard from others around you that they fight with hard water in their homes all of the time. Hard water can actually create a number of problems for your home. It can force your appliances to work harder, make your home look not quite as clean as it could be, and ensure […] Read More

Most people take their health quite seriously. Long term good health, though, is reliant upon many different things. One of the single most important? Air quality. You’re not always going to be able to detect poor air quality, though. In fact, every day, your body is exposed to tiny amounts of toxins in the air, […] Read More

Hard and soft water have long been a subject of conversation among homeowners.  The simple truth is that not all tap water is the same across the country. Instead, some of it is considered to be hard while other water supplies are considered to be soft. Sometimes you want hard water. Sometimes you want soft […] Read More

Your employees deserve the best that you can give them, and while the water cooler may be the perfect place to gossip or discuss last night’s best moments on Facebook or TV, it’s also a good place for a refreshing drink of water. Wondering how you can provide better drinking water to your team members? […] Read More


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